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Nice site Carl!

Just wanted to say how good the website is - awesome photos - nice one.


SE England

I've lived in exile (no not main st) in the east Mids for far too long. Spotted your Tweet and had to come visit your gallery. Oh boy! Do you make me yearn for my homeland. Thanks. If I could compose photos like those I would never be able to close my eyes. Wonderful. Tx Rip

Your website

Having looked at your Flickr page and now at your blog I am still blown away by the quality, sheer luminescence and atmosphere of your photos!
Gillian Wilson

great images!

Beautiful Images Carl! Well done! Your lovely site is indeed a lovely calm oasis.
Keith Hehir Lynch

Guest Book

Hi Carl I admire your dedication and perseverance to getting the beautiful photos that you have on display here. Your skill and talent shows that it is not the latest camera or most expensive cameras that take good photos it is the person behind it. Well done and get that shopping cart up and running.

Your web site

Hi Carl

Well done on a fabulous site. This is a great place to showcase your wonderful talent - long may you continue getting up at the crack of dawn and capturing your magical landscapes.
Lorraine J


Carl, your site is beautiful and a fitting place for that awesome photography of yours.I only wish I had physical ability to get to the paces that you get to to take these wonderful images. Instead,I shall just get the pleasure of the images without the pain of taking them.

you should be very proud

Bessy regs

Kenny Partington

Your journey.

Carl, you have a talent that is unmeasurable, your ideology is warming and I really enjoyed the images you are showing here.
Vince Winter

Guestbook message

Hi Carl,

Just seen your 'Dartford Crossing' pic on the South East Today Facebook page..

So i had to have a look here at your work..

Great pics..

Keith L

Well done Carl

took me some time to get here, but better late than never.
Well done Carl and congratulations on putting the website up and running!

Ich bin begeistert....

Hallo Carl, die Bilder sind gro?artig!
Liebe Gr??e Claudia

well done

whuhoo!! you finally did it!! Lovely work Carl. a credit to you and fab pikkies

love the site

great site mate
martin webb

Congrats on the site!

Hi Carl

Just enjoyed browsing through your new site. Its is just fabulous! Very well done!
Lorraine J


Hi Carl congrats on putting together your first website it looks wonderful.


If I didn't know you better I'd say you were a professional !
John Spavins

Your Site!

Carl - A big WOW from me. What a start, this site is great and now at last the big www can see your superb photography work..


An excellent website and a perfect way to show your stunning pics.....Well done Carl