About Me

Photography is a passion and has me up before dawn and down well after sunset. Landscape has and always will be the main direction of my imagery, using the quality of light that only sunrise and sunset can provide. I have never been coordinated enough to apply pencil or paint to a canvas, so the camera allows me to explore my artistic passion with the lens my brush and the light my paint.

Many of my images can be months in the planning, with hours studying maps, waiting for the appropriate sun and moon times and phases, tide tables, site visits and of course, the weather. Some would call me obsessed!

Due to location, the majority of my photography is within the South East of England though occasion does allow me to visit other areas. I am not one to travel far as I believe the United Kingdom has so much to offer those that will allow its beauty to be seen.

My photography journey has resulted in various awards, exhibitions and permanent venues for showing and selling my images.

My journey to achieve perfection will never be realised but I will enjoy every challenge that the changing light will present. I hope you will enjoy this journey and join me along the way.